New features of Mercedes Keys programmer

Friday, 16 February 2018 06:57

Added function to read the password from any version of EIS with workink key of any version (BGA, KeylessGo etc.). Not required to send us files or email-s to calculate the password.

Improved key adaptation function. Now add the key can even unskilled user.

Programmer now supports reading, writing and erasing non-OEM keys via infrared channel(BE, EA, China, etc.).

Function for reading a password from EIS without working keys. Supported EISW202/208/210W203/209 (all versions), W215/220 (some versions), W211 (all versions), W639W906 (Sprinter), W216/221 (facelift), W164 (facelift), W166.

Programmer for Mercedes Benz keys

Tuesday, 15 April 2014 15:28

mb keyOur company has over 5 year of experience with Mercedes Benz keys. We introduce a new product: Mercedes Benz keys programmer. This programmer can diagnose, repair, learn, erase, read and write Mercedes Benz keys in cars equipped with DAS3 anti-theft system.
In case of loss or malfunction of the key, when adding an additional key our programmer can program a new key or key used in another car, recover original key, diagnose hardware of the key.
If you need to add a key for cars with electronic ignition switch (EIS, EZS) based on NEC microcontroller, you can read data for key programming from existing working key in ROM versions 51 and 57. Further, the number of supported keys for reading will grow.
The data read from the key is also required to adapt the electronic steering lock (ELV) in cars W204, W207, W212 with our software.
Unlike many other programmers, our programmer does not lose or damage the data when reading keys, as data reading is performed by service commands without erasing the key.
Many such programmers have problems with loss of functionality radio channel while writing the key. Our programmer allows you to restore radio and enable radio in NEC microcontrollers, which were previously used in keys without radio.

audi key

We have added new software for key learning for VAG-group cars with body control modules BCM2. BCM2 modules are installed in the following cars: AUDI A4, A5, Q5, A6, A7, A8, Q7, Volkswagen Touareg. 
The new software allows to adapt a new key or a dealer key to car via OBD-connector if you have a working key or immobilizer data for the car. It is also possible to adapt the key by dismounting the BCM2 module in case a working key is missing.
This software requires an adapter Special Interface and Transponder Programmer.


The software allows to read and write the memory contents of electronic steering locks (ESL, ELV), to make adaptation to the car, to lock and unlock the steering, to read and change odometer value, to imitate the work of the electronic steering lock for testing of Drive Authorization System DAS3 (FBS3). Supported cars: all cars with the system DAS3 (FBS3), which have electronic steering lock (1997-2014) - (W202, W208, W210, W204, W211, W212, W203, W463, Sprinter etc.).


Wednesday, 25 December 2013 17:12

Introducing a new product: Programmer for working with microcontrollers and memory chips. Currently programmer supports microcontrollers NECRenesas V850, 78K0, 78K0S. In the future, the list of supported chips will grow.

To the software for instrument clusters BOSCH RB4, RB8 we have added support for dashboards for SEAT Exeo 2008+. Program features: instrument cluster recovery after errors "DEF", "Error",  reading/writing EEPROM and immobilizer data, changing odometer value through the diagnostic connector OBD-II.

renaultSoftware for Renault cars allows you to perform adaptation of the keys, cards, writing and reading engine control units in Renault cars.

opelThe software allows you to read and write EEPROM and FLASH in engine control units, read and write the contents of the immobilizers EEPROM via diagnostic connector OBD II.

mercedesThis tool lets you fix common problems like failure of transponders and remote controls in cars Mercedes ML W163 (year 1998-2005).

First in the World possibility of adaptation keys (with megamos 48) and remotes (key fobs) for Porsche Alarm System by dump. Supported models: Boxster 986, 911, 996, Carrera 911, 996, Carrera GT, Carrera GT Sport years from 1999 to 2005.