Programmer for Mercedes Benz keys

Tuesday, 15 April 2014 15:28

mb keyOur company has over 5 year of experience with Mercedes Benz keys. We introduce a new product: Mercedes Benz keys programmer. This programmer can diagnose, repair, learn, erase, read and write Mercedes Benz keys in cars equipped with DAS3 anti-theft system.
In case of loss or malfunction of the key, when adding an additional key our programmer can program a new key or key used in another car, recover original key, diagnose hardware of the key.
If you need to add a key for cars with electronic ignition switch (EIS, EZS) based on NEC microcontroller, you can read data for key programming from existing working key in ROM versions 51 and 57. Further, the number of supported keys for reading will grow.
The data read from the key is also required to adapt the electronic steering lock (ELV) in cars W204, W207, W212 with our software.
Unlike many other programmers, our programmer does not lose or damage the data when reading keys, as data reading is performed by service commands without erasing the key.
Many such programmers have problems with loss of functionality radio channel while writing the key. Our programmer allows you to restore radio and enable radio in NEC microcontrollers, which were previously used in keys without radio.

This version supports the following versions of the smart keys:

- based on Motorola MCU

  • MA 567.880.011 (ROM ID 00)
  • MA 567.880.021 (ROM ID 56)
  • MA 567.880.031 (ROM ID 57)
  • MA 567.880.041 (ROM ID 62)
  • MA 567.880.051 (ROM ID 74)

- based on NEC MCU

  • 567.897.041 (ROM ID 28)
  • 567.897.051 (ROM ID 35)
  • 567.897.061 (ROM ID 40)
  • 567.897.071 (ROM ID 51)
  • 567.897.081, (ROM ID 57)

- based on NEC MCU with KeylessGo function

  • (ROM ID 03)
  • (ROM ID 06)
  • (ROM ID 07)
  • (ROM ID 08)
  • (ROM ID 09)
  • 567.949.011 (ROM ID 27)
  • 567.912.011 (ROM ID 41)
  • 567.912.021, 567.944.031 (ROM ID 42)
  • 567.912.041 (ROM ID 59)
  • 567.912.051 (ROM ID 61)

To purchase a programmer contact us by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Skype: cee-team