Special Interface

cee-team interface

CEE-Team Special Interface — a diagnostic adapter for repair of automotive electronics (immobilizers, engine control units, dashboards, etc.), chip tuning and car diagnostics.

The adapter allows the operations, which in most cases are not supported by the dealers diagnostic testers. The adapter works with special software. 

nissan infinitiSoftware allows to read and write EEPROM in immobilizer NATS5, calculate immobilizer pin code by sticker on the immobilizer, allows you to unlock the steering lock, perform key learning procedure in immobilizers 6-th generation and newer. Automatic pin code calculation in cars up to 2009.

vagSoftware allows read and write FLASH, EEPROM, read immobilizer data (PIN, Component security bytes, MAC) in control units and instrument clusters of VAG-group cars (AudiVolkswagenSeatSkoda). 

psaThis software allows you read and write FLASH and EEPROM in the engine control units (ECU) of cars Peugeot и Citroen.

ford mazdaThis software allows you read and write FLASH and EEPROM in the engine control units (ECU) of cars FordMazdaRoverJaguar.

renaultSoftware for Renault cars allows you to perform adaptation of the keys, cards, writing and reading engine control units in Renault cars.

mercedesThis tool lets you fix common problems like failure of transponders and remote controls in cars Mercedes ML W163 (year 1998-2005).

opelThe software allows you to read and write EEPROM and FLASH in engine control units, read and write the contents of the immobilizers EEPROM via diagnostic connector OBD II.

Cars Audi RS4, Audi A4 (years from 2001 to 2008), Seat Exeo (from 2008), Lamborghini Gallardo (from 2001) were equipped with a instrument cluster from BOSCH with encrypted EEPROM data. Only a small number of diagnostic devices have special features for working with these instruments clusters, some of them do not work properly, resulting in the dashboard software is fails and dashboard shows messages "DEF", "Error", "L2-2" etc. The same thing can happen, and after the intervention of "garage masters" - instrument panel stops working and the data from it are completely lost. Recovery for most of these panels is a big problem. Our software and adapter is working correctly with these dashboards, and also allows you to recover your instrument cluster even in the event of total loss of EEPROM data.

porsche48The software provides the following features:

  • Ability to adapt the keys and remotes for Porsche Alarm System via dump or by diagnostic connector OBD. Supported models: Boxster 986, 911, 996, Carrera 911, 996, Carrera GT, Carrera GT Sport from 1999 to 2005 years.