Special Interface description

cee-team interface

CEE-Team Special Interface — a diagnostic adapter for repair of automotive electronics (immobilizers, engine control units, dashboards, etc.), chip tuning and car diagnostics.

The adapter allows the operations, which in most cases are not supported by the dealers diagnostic testers. The adapter works with special software. 

Screen of the software

Screen of the Special Interface software


Functionality of the program available to the user defined by the presence of activations (licenses). If necessary, you can purchase additional activation. The program can be updated via the Internet.


Activations window

Window with activations list


Minimum PC requirements:

  • Operating system Windows®  2000 / XP / VISTA / Win7 
  • Processor Intel Pentium-II® 500MHz or equivalent;
  • RAM size from 256MB;
  • Free space on hard drive 50MB;
  • USB-port